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On October 16, 2012, the University of Waterloo held the grand opening of its new campus in downtown Stratford, Ont.  As home to the university's digital media program, the campus represents an intersection of technology, arts and business.  To visualize this convergence of concepts, the ribbon-cutting ceremony took place in the main campus atrium against the backdrop of a... Continue Reading


Westbury National's VersaTile Demo

by Westbury National
March 28th, 2013

VersaTile is a LED light panel that creates fascinating lighting environments in both architectural and entertainment applications. Each panel has 16 light tiles that are pixels controlled by a video signal. VersaTile is a cost effective building block that offers enormous creative freedom to create the desired ambiance in both small and large-scale applications.  This particular display was...

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Canadian Screen Awards added to our Portfolio Page

by Westbury National
March 13th, 2013

We have added the Canadian Screen Awards, which were hosted by Canadian Martin Short, to our Portfolio page.  You can can view the images and project overview here:

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