Digital Signage

Tallest MicroTiles Installation Ever?

by Gail Chiasson
December 5th, 2012

Christie visual technology solutions are playing a key role in University of Waterloo's mission to intersect technology, business and art under the Faculty of Arts programs – believed to be a first in Canada – at its new Stratford, Ontario, campus.

Christie’s world-leading digital projection and display technologies are omnipresent on the new Stratford campus – a campus designed to create...

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Westbury National introduces Ultra-wide Canvas Projection

by Westbury National
October 9th, 2012

This is an example of our Ultra-Wide Canvas Projection that was used during a charity fundraising event in Toronto, ON. The super high-definition projections created a unique customizable environment which included tranquil clouds and shooting stars during dinner, futuristic stroboscopic lighting effects during the party, and custom corporate branding throughout duration of the evening.

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