New Electro KubukI 2 Drop System Available to Rent

by Westbury National
May 16th, 2013


Our Staging department has added the ‘Electro Kabuki 2’ Drop System to our inventory.  This system is controlled by a powerful electro-magnet which holds a pivoting hook securely in place until the release is triggered. 

Whether it’s for a curtain or drape release, scenery changes, or other special effects this system is easily connected to truss or pipe using the attached manfrotto clamp.  Each EK2 Kabuki drop-mechanism will hold up to 50 kg and can be spaced up to 2 metres apart allowing 100’ wide objects to be dropped using only 16 units.

System includes...

  • 1x – A-F2 Firing Box that provides the option of doing a dual drop. It can also be controlled with a DMX cable and has an led display that indicates the system is armed and ready. 
  • 1x – Basic Firing Box
  • 8x – EK2 Kabuki drop mechanisms – circuit 1 (separate circuits are only required when doing a dual drop)
  • 8x – EK2 Kabuki drop mechanisms – circuit 2
  • 1x – End of line indicator – To be used with the A-F2 Firing Box

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